Welcome to the Fanacademic website!

The Fanacademic, or Fan-Academic, here, is me!
My name is Julie Escurignan. I am a fan of the TV Series Game of Thrones.
I am also a PhD Student in Film and Television Studies at the University of Roehampton, London, and I got lucky enough to do my thesis on Game of Thrones!

I am passionate about TV series, that is why my main focus of research is the HBO-TV Show Game of Thrones and all the cross-media creations that revolve around it (i.e. all the online and offline creations, artefacts, fan-based meetings that deal with GoT).

Through my research, I am trying to understand what the experience of the fans of Game of Thrones is, i.e how we, as fans, experience the GoT universe, from the TV series to the online platforms, material creations and fans’ meetings.

However, that’s not the only thing I do. I also make the most of doing a thesis on Game of Thrones to live my fandom to the fullest and enjoy being with fans of GoT!

Welcome then to the platform that will not only introduce you to my work but will include a critical blog on TV series, so that if you do not know what to watch tonight, you’ll be able to have some guidance on what’s on, what’s new and what’s good (also, what to avoid)!

With this website and this blog I hope to make my research open and accessible, and hopefully also show that we, academics, are also fun people!

Please feel free to post questions, comments or GoT news!

Thank you!